About Bonnie

As a fully qualified BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, with over 17 years of experience in accountancy practices in Melbourne and loaded with a Diploma in Accounting, Marketing and Business, I bring a lot to the table.

I love to pass on my expertise and knowledge of the ever changing world of economics.

I have managed a wide variety of bookkeeping systems including MYOB, Quickbooks, Automate, AIMS and XERO, however  I must say the XERO cloud accounting is the most exciting and user friendly platform ever to brace the planet.

I have been handed confidential folders to a Cole’s plastic carrier bag stuffed with receipts to bank statements including the odd crumb sitting on the bottom of the bag.

I have worked with clients for years and not even seen their face. Now that’s Trust right there.!!

I can assist you in finding the optimum solution for your bookkeeping requirements which keeps it simple for everyone, and in turn keeping your End of Year Accountant’s Bill in check.

As a member of AAT [Accounting Association Technicians] and being a registered BAS Agent with the Australian Tax Office, I am constantly kept up to date with Tax compliant rulings and I regularly attend Seminars and make myself available for webinars and networking meetings to keep on top of my game.

I manage a wide range of local businesses including Cafés, Software & Graphics, Child Care Centers, Construction and Architects to name just a few.

Each client has their own special requirements to which I adapt my services – from weekly visits to one visit per year, from a books pick-up service to a remote access accounts system.

I’m on your side and I am a good sounding board.

   Mobile: 0417 511 359  Email: info@starbooks.com.au  ABN: 16656769097  BAS Agent Reg No: 93678006